20 Hilarious Texts That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Texts message are a great way to communicate with friends and family, but sometimes they can also be hilarious. Everyone loves a good laugh, and that’s why we’ve gathered 20 of the funniest texts ever sent. From awkward autocorrect fails to brilliant puns, these messages will make you laugh out loud. So if you’re in need of a good chuckle, read on to see some of the funniest texts ever sent!

Streaming Dreams

funny texts conversation highlights just one of those people
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We’ve all been there. Someone who expects us to pay for them, without offering anything in return. This funny texts conversation highlights just one of those people. In it, a girl asks to use someone else’s Hulu subscription without offering any sort of compensation.

What makes this text even funnier is that when the person she’s asking declines, she gets visibly annoyed with them. We can’t help but laugh at her assumption that this person would be so willing to give away their subscription. It just goes to show you how far some people are willing to go to get something for free!

Copy Cat

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There are few things more infuriating for an artist than someone stealing your work and passing it off as their own. This particular story is especially outrageous!

An artist discovered that someone had taken a piece of their artwork from a thrift store and posted it online, claiming to have created it themselves. The irony is that the original artist had donated the piece to the thrift store in the first place. Talk about a double whammy!

It’s a prime example of how easily someone can steal artwork or ideas, especially when it’s shared on the internet. If you’re an artist, always be sure to protect your work and double-check to make sure you get credit where it’s due. Otherwise, you may find someone else has claimed your masterpiece as their own!

Quite an Earful

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This hilarious text exchange between two friends takes a surprising turn when the discussion shifts from the simple request of borrowing earpods to one friend’s concern that the other had “taken it too far.” What exactly happened? We can only imagine.

From the responses, it appears that one of the friends had borrowed earpods from the other and was feeling guilty about it. The other friend is not so pleased and reprimands the borrower for taking things too far. Whatever went down, it looks like it might have been a bit over the top!

What makes this text exchange even more entertaining is the fact that it started as a casual conversation between two friends, only to end up with an uncomfortable air of tension. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, it certainly makes for an amusing read!

No Money No Problems

conversation starts simple enough with one texter
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The conversation starts simple enough with one texter asking if they can pay the other $50 to help them out with a problem. They are expecting an agreeable response, but unfortunately, their friend is not so keen on the idea.

Their friend expresses that the job requires more work than $50 can cover, so it seems like there will be no deal. That’s when things start to get a little heated.

The first texter takes offense to their friend’s comment and they begin to argue back and forth about the payment. Neither side is willing to budge on their stance and soon the conversation turns into an all-out war of words.

The last line of the conversation sums it up perfectly: “No money, no problems”. It’s a phrase that could easily be applied to many situations, as money is often the root of many disagreements.

What started as a simple request quickly devolved into an argument, proving that sometimes no matter how reasonable you are, money can complicate things.

Say Yes to the Dress

hilarious text that shows just how ridiculous some people can be
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This is a hilarious text that shows just how ridiculous some people can be. In this case, a person asked a friend to borrow their dress for a special occasion, and when they got a polite but firm no as an answer, they proceeded to launch into an epic tirade claiming that the dress was “theirs” and that the friend owed them all their money.

The confidence of this person in believing they were in the right is just astounding, yet it is also quite funny. We can all recognize the audacity of such a request and the ridiculousness of their response.
This humorous example serves as a reminder to never take yourself too seriously and to always be ready to laugh at yourself. After all, life is too short to get worked up over something so trivial!

Fake Friends

fake friends
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We’ve all experienced those fake friends that start out as people we thought were true and loyal, but then as soon as you start to achieve some level of success, they become jealous and turn on you. These fake friends will only use you for what you can do for them and are often shocked when you won’t give it all away for free.

These people come out of the woodwork, making it obvious that their friendship was never genuine in the first place. It’s hard to identify these people from the start, but once you figure out who they are, it’s important to distance yourself from them as soon as possible.

It’s always a good idea to surround yourself with positive and supportive people who will be there for you through the good times and the bad. True friends are priceless and worth more than any material wealth, so it’s important to make sure you don’t let fake friends take advantage of you or get in the way of your success.

Teaching a Lesson

sneaky and text her mom while in class
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Caitlyn was trying to be sneaky and text her mom while in class, but she wasn’t expecting her teacher to catch her. The teacher, who was not amused by the disruption, snatched Caitlyn’s phone away from her and decided to send a message of their own.

The message read, “This is Mrs. Johnson. Your daughter was texting in class. Please come get her and her phone immediately.”

Caitlyn’s mom quickly responded with, “I’ll be there in 10 minutes, and I’m bringing an axe.”
We can only imagine how terrified the teacher must have been upon receiving that response. Regardless, we are sure that Caitlyn learned her lesson and will think twice before trying to text her mom during class ever again!

Empty Rage

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We’ve all been there. You find a great deal online, you make the purchase, and then you get the notification that the item has been sold. That’s why this text conversation is so funny.

The person writing is clearly angry and frustrated at the seller for having sold the item before they had the chance to buy it. But what’s even funnier is that they still go ahead and offer to buy it at a lower price than what it’s already being sold for.

It’s a hilarious example of someone getting a little too worked up over something as trivial as a purchase. It just goes to show that when we want something, we’re willing to do just about anything to get it – no matter how futile it may be.

Exposing Yourself

embarrassing texts
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This text conversation is one of the most cringe-worthy and embarrassing texts to ever be sent. When you’re being unfaithful to your partner, make sure you’re sending your naughty messages to the right person. Otherwise, you might just expose yourself as the cheater you are.

This conversation was between a father and daughter. While it might seem like the father is cool and collected about the mistake, we can only imagine how mortified his daughter must have felt. We’d hate to be in her shoes and receive a text like that from our dad!

It just goes to show that no matter how careful you think you are, anything can happen. If you’re going to partake in some extramarital activities, take extra precaution to make sure you don’t expose yourself like this poor father did.

Holy Menu

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When it comes to food, some of us take it seriously enough that we might even refer to it as “holy”. This texter here clearly got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to understanding what “a la carte” actually means, and hilariously sent out this message to their friend group.

The text reads: “My mom just said I could order anything I wanted from the holy menu”. Understandably, many of us don’t know the full meaning behind “a la carte”, but this texter thought it had something to do with religion!

Needless to say, their friends had a great laugh over this one. They were likely thinking of the French phrase “à la carte” which is used in restaurants and refers to dishes being ordered separately rather than as part of a fixed-price menu.

It’s easy to get confused, especially when you’re referring to something as “holy”. Nevertheless, this funny text is sure to make anyone laugh out loud. Whether they understand the true meaning behind the phrase or not, they’re sure to appreciate the irony of this message.

Brace Yourself

Jimmy sent the wrong text after a first date
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Jimmy sent the wrong text after a first date. Instead of typing out a heartfelt goodbye, he accidentally sent a message to his date about making sure he looked his best for a next potential suitor. Ouch! We can all agree that there’s no good way to break off a budding romance. However, sending this text was definitely not the way to go.

Jimmy’s unfortunate texting mistake serves as a valuable lesson for all of us: double-check before you hit send. Make sure that the person you’re sending the message to is the right one. This will save you from awkward conversations and plenty of embarrassment in the future.

Free Loading

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Asking someone to do something for you and offering exposure in return is a form of free loading. It’s a polite way of saying “I want you to do something for me but I don’t want to pay for it.” It’s also quite disrespectful, since it implies that the other person’s time, effort and talent isn’t worth any financial compensation.

Free loading is often used as a way to get people to do favors without having to pay them. It is especially prevalent on social media, where so-called “influencers” can be seen offering exposure in exchange for products or services. This is especially common in the creative field, where artists, designers and other creatives are asked to provide services for free in exchange for exposure.

While some may find it difficult to say no when someone offers them exposure in exchange for a favor, it’s important to remember that your time and talent are valuable and should be compensated appropriately. If someone truly values what you do, they should be willing to pay for it.

Claws Out

hilarious text exchange between two people
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This hilarious text exchange between two people is sure to leave you laughing. It all starts when one person tells the other that their cat is missing and they think she’s been taken by a coyote. The second person, however, seems less than sympathetic and suggests that their cat just needs her claws to do her own hunting.

The first person responds with shock, saying that it’s not like their cat is a wild animal and that they would never dream of letting their pet fend for itself. The conversation soon takes a turn for the bizarre as the second person continues to suggest various ways in which the cat could survive on its own.

Clearly, this conversation isn’t going to have a happy ending! It’s truly outrageous that the second person would even suggest such a thing. We can only imagine the look of shock and outrage on the first person’s face when they realized what was happening.

This is just one of many funny texts that will make you laugh out loud. It’s amazing how ridiculous conversations can get and this one really takes the cake. If anything, it reminds us to be more careful about who we choose to talk to!

Major Misunderstanding

text exchange between a mom and her daughter
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This text exchange between a mom and her daughter is hilariously awkward. The mom starts off with a very serious warning about not talking to any boys. But it turns out that the number she was messaging wasn’t a suitor but her own daughter!

It’s easy to see how a misunderstanding like this could happen, as the mom didn’t have her daughter’s number saved in her phone. We love that the mom was so protective of her daughter, but it does highlight the importance of checking your messages before sending them!

Forget Me Not

hilarious text that was sent after a wild night out
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When it comes to our wild nights out, sometimes we wish we could forget the details. Unfortunately, our friends often do a better job of remembering than us.

One such example is a hilarious text that was sent after a wild night out. This person went out and consumed over 30 margaritas – only to wake up the next morning with little memory of the night before. They asked their friend how much money they spent – expecting to hear an astronomical figure. But to their surprise, they only ended up spending a mere $30.

The catch? Their friend then reminded them of the 30+ margaritas they had consumed during the night. Talk about an unexpected surprise!

This hilarious text goes to show that sometimes our greatest fears can turn out to be false, and that a wild night out can have surprising results. With friends like these to remind us of our escapades, who needs memory?

College Fever

text exchange
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For anyone who has gone to college, the dread of an unexpected sickness is all too real. We’ve all had those days where our bodies just don’t seem to cooperate with us when it comes to attending classes and studying.

But this text exchange is proof that sometimes that feeling can be totally exaggerated. The guy on the other end seems to be suffering from a serious case of “College Fever” – the kind where you just don’t feel up to going to class.

His friend, however, appears to be completely unfazed by his “symptoms” and remains unconvinced that he should skip class. In response, the sick student takes things up a notch and claims he “caught something from Transcendentalism” – whatever that is!

It’s hilarious how his friend goes from disbelief to full-on concern as soon as she hears that dreaded word. But we think it’s fair to say that this guy will probably make it to class this time – or else face a huge lecture when he gets back home.

Hotel Mom and Dad

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Sometimes it seems like your parents expect you to treat them like a five-star hotel – you have to check in and check out with them, they provide the food, entertainment, and free lodging… oh and you should definitely send them a postcard!

This funny text message was sent by a dad to his daughter who was on vacation. Instead of expressing his love and concern for her, he instead gives her a guilt trip about not checking in with him more often. He sarcastically remarks that she should “treat him like a hotel” and that he deserves a postcard from her.

It’s not just kids who make their parents feel like a hotel; sometimes the roles can be reversed. Parents can sometimes take advantage of their adult children’s generosity and hospitality, expecting them to “check in” with them even when their children are busy with their own lives.

It’s important for parents and children to remember that everyone is an individual and deserves respect for their own choices and decisions. Ultimately, it’s up to both parties to maintain healthy boundaries so that no one feels taken advantage of or treated like a hotel.

At the end of the day, we all want what’s best for our family members and it’s important to remember that healthy relationships need communication and respect. If you or someone you know needs help setting boundaries with family members, counseling can be a great resource to help create a supportive environment.

Mom Wars

hilarious text exchange between two moms
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It’s no secret that motherhood can be a fierce competition. Whether it’s who packs the best lunchbox or which parent’s child is the smartest, moms often feel pressure to outshine their peers and prove that their children are superior.

That was certainly the case in this hilarious text exchange between two moms. As one mom invited her daughter’s friend to a sleepover, the other mom jumped in with a very firm reply—Missy was definitely not welcome.

The poor friend who got caught in the middle of it all was understandably confused. But, after being denied an explanation for why Missy was uninvited, she knew better than to push for details.
Of course, things got even more ridiculous when the first mom suggested that she could get a restraining order on her daughter’s behalf if the other mom showed up at the sleepover with Missy in tow.

In any case, it’s safe to say that these two moms definitely don’t want to be friends anytime soon. But, we’re sure the rest of us are laughing along with them as we get a front-row seat to their Mom Wars.


hilarious text
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This hilarious text is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t take someone out on a date with the expectation that they’ll be buying something expensive. When a guy asked his potential date if she wanted him to rent a Starbucks Venti for her, she gave an answer he wasn’t expecting.

The girl in question replied with “No. That would just be silly. Plus, I don’t think I’m worth a Venti.” The response was not what this guy was hoping for, but it did make us chuckle.

It’s not necessary to go over the top with dating, or try and show off by spending a lot of money. This kind of attitude doesn’t make a good impression, and often just puts people off. It can be nice to treat someone with a special dinner or buy them a small gift, but it’s all about balance.

At the end of the day, people are looking for companionship and genuine connection rather than expensive gifts. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you might just find the connection you’re looking for.

Being Honest

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Sometimes it can be hard, to be honest when you’re not interested in someone, and you want to avoid any awkwardness. That’s why having a backup plan is such a popular tactic. However, if you do decide to be honest and tell the other person how you feel, there are a few tips that can help you get the conversation over with quickly and smoothly.

First, remember that being honest doesn’t have to mean being rude or unkind. If you don’t want to lead someone on, but still want to let them down easily, be direct but also sympathetic. Acknowledge that it’s hard to reject someone and explain why it won’t work out without being too personal. Also, try not to feel guilty if they react poorly. It’s not your fault they were hoping for something more.

Also, don’t feel like you owe anyone an explanation. If the conversation starts getting too deep or personal and you don’t want to discuss it any further, don’t be afraid to politely end the conversation and move on.

At the end of the day, the best way to let someone down is, to be honest. This doesn’t mean being mean or unkind, it just means being straightforward about your feelings. That way, both parties can move on without any lingering doubts.