20 Incredible Disney Easter Eggs and Hidden Details You Won’t Believe

Have you ever noticed the hidden details in Disney movies? From tiny in-jokes to clever references, Disney films are packed with Easter eggs and hidden details that you may have missed. If you’re a true Disney fan, you’ll be amazed to discover all the references, jokes, and nods to other Disney films that have been tucked away in some of your favorite movies. We’ve put together a list of more than 40 incredible Disney Easter eggs and hidden details that you won’t believe.

Hans is a wanted man

Disney characters

In the movie Frozen, Hans was an annoying and sneaky prince who sought to take advantage of Anna’s naïveté to try and seize control of Arendelle. By the end of the movie, he was arrested and sent back to his homeland.

While we don’t know what happened to him after that, a small detail in the police station scene of Big Hero 6 tells us more. The wanted poster at the station has a picture of Hans on it, indicating that he’s still considered a bad guy.

This is just one example of how Disney does not leave any loose ends, even when it might seem like it. Even though we don’t get to see what happens to Hans after his imprisonment, we can rest assured knowing that justice is being served somewhere.

Tangled’s nod to previous princesses

Disney incorporated Easter eggs

In 2010’s Tangled, Disney incorporated Easter eggs from the earlier Disney princess movies. Rapunzel’s bedroom includes two items that pay tribute to two classic Disney princesses.

The spindle from Sleeping Beauty is featured prominently in her room and clearly stands out as a direct reference. This homage reminds us of how far Disney’s animated film legacy has come since its earlier days.

We can also see a dresser in the corner of the room which is an exact replica of the one found in the Beast’s castle in Beauty And The Beast. It is one of the most recognizable pieces of furniture in Disney animation and was included as a subtle nod to all the hard work Disney put into making these timeless stories.

These small Easter eggs remind us of the long tradition of Disney princess movies, and are a testament to the care and thoughtfulness Disney puts into their work.

Scar’s claws are always out

Easter egg is an example of how Disney often adds clever and meaningful details to their stories

The subtle, but genius, detail of Scar’s always-out claws is no mistake. It’s a nod to his nature and symbolizes the menace he brings to the story. Though small and easily overlooked – it’s a reminder that danger is lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike when you least expect it.

Throughout the movie we can see that Scar is always ready to act on his schemes and strikes at any moment. His claws are out even when he’s not fighting, making them a visual representation of his inner character.

This tiny Easter egg is an example of how Disney often adds clever and meaningful details to their stories. The next time you watch The Lion King, take a moment to appreciate this small yet powerful detail. You won’t be able to unsee it ever again.

Pixar’s phone number on the control panel

animation studio

This funny detail was spotted by some sharp-eyed fans of Monsters Inc. when the film first came out in 2001. If you look closely, during a scene in the scare simulator, the control panel is briefly visible with the number 510-752-3000. That’s right—it’s Pixar’s actual phone number at the time!

At first, no one was sure if this was just a coincidence or an intentional nod to the animation studio, but it was later confirmed by a few of the producers that they had included the number as an easter egg. It’s definitely a fun and unique way to pay tribute to the hard work of all the Pixar employees.

The interesting thing is, this number was only visible for a split of a second, so it’s amazing that any fans even managed to pause and zoom in on it. It just goes to show how much care and attention was put into every detail of the movie. It’s almost like the producers wanted their fans to find something special and unique in their films.

It’s unknown if this number is still active today, but you can certainly try it out if you’re feeling brave!

The Beast in Aladdin

Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s classic 1991 animated film, “Beauty and the Beast,” has been referenced throughout the beloved 1992 movie, “Aladdin.” In one scene in particular, when we get a close up of Sultan’s toys, we can see The Beast from “Beauty and the Beast” among them! It’s a subtle but effective homage to the earlier movie that shows Disney’s willingness to bridge the gap between their classic films.

In this case, the Beast is seen among other exotic animals, such as a camel, giraffe, and rhino. We can assume that the Sultan is a big fan of The Beast and his adventures with Belle! This sweet gesture makes it even more obvious how much the two films are related, as if there weren’t enough references already.

While Sultan was probably unaware of the Beast, it’s a small but incredible way for the viewer to experience the connection between the films. It’s just one of many clever Easter eggs in Aladdin, but it’s certainly one of our favorites!

The inspiration behind the toy soldiers walking

toy soldiers in Toy Story

The inspiration behind the walking movements of the toy soldiers in Toy Story actually came from a team of method acting animators. In order to give the soldiers a realistic walking style, the creative team behind the movie taped some shoes onto a wooden board. This enabled them to experience firsthand what it was like to move around in such a manner, which was then transferred into the animation for the soldiers’ movements.

It may have been a simple trick, but it certainly made a big difference in terms of realism in the final product. And this kind of attention to detail didn’t stop with just the toy soldiers. Every character in the movie has a unique walking style based on how they were intended to be portrayed by the creators. For example, Woody is meant to come off as confident and fearless, so he has a long stride and stands up straight with his head held high as he moves around. On the other hand, Buzz has an exaggerated gait because he is always trying to act cool and heroic.

Lilo is a Mulan fan

Sister Gator

One of the most prominent Mulan references in Lilo & Stitch is when Lilo puts on her “Sister Gator” show for Stitch. She dresses up like Mulan and sings a hilarious rendition of “A Girl Worth Fighting For” from the movie. There are several other subtle nods to Mulan throughout the movie, from her clothing choices to her self-defense classes.

It’s no surprise that Lilo is a Mulan fan – after all, Mulan was the original Disney heroine who inspired so many young girls to be brave and fight for what they believe in. Lilo embodies this same spirit, and it makes sense that she would admire another strong female Disney lead. The fact that Lilo’s character is rooted in Mulan’s story just goes to show how much impact the original movie had on modern Disney films. Not only does Lilo look up to Mulan as an inspiring figure, but other characters reference the beloved heroine as well.

When Jumba tries to capture Stitch by disguising himself as an old woman, he calls himself “Mulan Jumba” and even adopts a traditional Chinese hairstyle similar to Mulan’s. Additionally, Nani’s boyfriend David mentions Mulan while they’re out at dinner by saying, “The flower that blooms in adversity…is probably my favorite quote from any Disney film ever.” This line is directly taken from Mulan’s inspirational song “Reflection”.

These nods to Mulan demonstrate just how powerful and timeless her legacy has become – even today, years after its release, people still find inspiration in Mulan’s story. Through characters like Lilo, Disney is continuing to spread her message of strength and courage around the world.

Tiny, cool detail in Brave

animators characters

When watching the archery scene in Brave, you may not have noticed one small detail that was added by the animators. When Merida pulls back on her bow and arrow, the feather rests against her cheek, leaving a small scratch as she lets go of the arrow.

This tiny detail is what makes Disney movies so special and unique – the attention to detail and striving for perfection! No movie-goer would have even noticed if the animators hadn’t included this tiny detail. But this is the kind of dedication and strive for perfection that puts Disney movies in a league of their own.

Merida is an incredibly talented archer, and this scene is the perfect example of her skill and focus. It’s these small but meaningful touches that have kept fans of Disney movies coming back for more for generations.

Maui’s hook is always with him

Kakamora warrior disney characters

For example, when he becomes a Kakamora warrior, the hook appears as a tattoo on his arm. When he turns into a huge lizard, it’s painted across his back. And when he takes the form of a hawk, the hook is imprinted on his wing.

This is an excellent touch and shows how much effort Disney put into their characters and their stories. There are so many hidden details that can be missed if you don’t pay attention. But this Easter egg stands out because of its simplicity: wherever Maui goes, his hook goes with him. It’s a neat detail that proves how much thought and planning went into creating Moana.

A hidden thank you letter

Easter egg

When you watch Lilo and Stitch and look carefully, you may notice something special in one particular frame. In the scene where Lilo and her big sister go to the shelter to adopt a dog, they are shown signing adoption papers. But what they are signing isn’t just any old paperwork. It’s actually a thank you letter written by the film’s directors and producers to everyone who worked on the movie.

The letter reads, “We thank all of our cast and crew who made this film possible. Without your hard work, dedication, and love, we could not have brought this movie to life. Thank you for making it so special.”
This is a truly heartfelt Easter egg that serves as a beautiful reminder of everyone’s hard work in making a timeless classic. A great way to say thank you for all of their efforts!

Some of our favorite characters hanging out under the sea

Donald Duck

If you watch The Little Mermaid very closely, you’ll notice that Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Duck are all hanging out with Ariel and her friends under the sea! It’s unclear how they can stay down there so long without air, but it’s a fun little nod to some of our favorite characters.

It’s amazing that the animators were able to slip this Easter egg in there without most of us noticing! Speaking of The Little Mermaid, this movie also contains a well-hidden Mickey that most of us would likely have never seen if it weren’t for the work of super Disney sleuths on the Internet.

If you look very closely in this scene, you can see that Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Duck are all just hanging around under the sea alongside the rest of the characters. We’re not sure exactly how they can handle being under the water for so long, but hey, it’s a cartoon. It’s about fun, not about realism! Kudos to the animators for slipping this in.

The ice in Olaf’s glass

movie Frozen

In one of the most iconic scenes from the movie Frozen, Olaf dreams of a summer vacation he would love to take. While daydreaming, he is seen sipping on a cold beverage with a little something special – ice cubes shaped like mini-Olafs!

This detail was the creation of the talented animation team at Disney. They took great care to give this scene even more personality and charm. Not only does it add a humorous touch, but it also displays the brilliance of the animators who crafted this scene. Every time we watch Frozen, we can’t help but admire this sweet little detail. This detail is something that is not immediately obvious, but once you notice it, it is impossible to miss.

Not only is it a very cute way to show Olaf daydreaming about his summer vacation, but it also shows the amazing creativity of the animation team at Disney. They didn’t miss a single detail, making sure to add an extra level of charm to the scene. Even after watching Frozen countless times, this mini-Olaf ice-cube detail is still a delight to see.

Well hidden Mickey Mouse

Easter egg

The most famous Easter egg of them all, the well hidden Mickey Mouse, can be found in various Disney films. In Aladdin, for example, Rajah the tiger is briefly transformed back into her true form and for one frame, almost impossible to spot without pausing, her head looks suspiciously like that of our beloved Mickey Mouse.

In Tangled, look out for Mickey’s iconic ears peeking out from the forest in one scene. In Lilo & Stitch, a poster advertising a missing cat bears an unmistakable resemblance to our favorite mouse. And in The Princess and the Frog, the four-leaf clover Tiana finds has two pairs of Mickey’s signature ears.

No matter what Disney movie you’re watching, keep an eye out for our favorite mouse hiding somewhere unexpected. He might be more well hidden than you’d expect, but with a little patience and attention to detail, you’ll soon spot him.

The Shining carpet

Shining carpet

Did you know that the carpet in Sid’s house in Toy Story is the same design as the carpet in the creepy hotel from The Shining? It’s true! This isn’t the only reference to the classic horror film; there are a number of hidden details sprinkled throughout the Toy Story franchise.

For example, if you look closely at the license plate on a dumpster truck, you can see the numbers 237, which is a nod to the infamous Room 237 from The Shining. There are also references to Tony, the guy who lived in Danny’s mouth in The Shining.

The homages to The Shining don’t stop there, however. In one scene, Andy can be seen playing with his toys on the same carpet design seen in the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. The carpet was specially created for the film and has since become iconic.

All these references serve as a clever way to pay homage to Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror film and make it a part of the Toy Story universe. The next time you watch Toy Story, be sure to keep an eye out for all the Easter eggs and hidden details that are inspired by The Shining!

Nick’s criminal past

Zootopia Police Department

In Zootopia, the sly and charming fox Nick Wilde has a secret past. Although he makes a great police officer, the application form for the Zootopia Police Department reveals he was a bit of a wild card before that.

When you take a closer look at the application form, you can see that Nick originally ticked “yes” to the question “have you ever been arrested”, before crossing it out and replacing it with “no”. This tiny detail is a humorous nod to Nick’s questionable past.

Fortunately, he has now turned his life around and is fighting crime on the right side of the law! This detail might have gone unnoticed, but it’s a fun nod to the fox’s troubled past and is a reminder of the lengths he has gone to for redemption. This sly little joke about Nick’s criminal past is a clever little Easter egg, and it makes the story of Zootopia even more entertaining.

Mother Gothel is always touching Rapunzel’s hair

Mother Gothel

This can be seen in several occasions, such as when Rapunzel wants to go to the floating lantern festival and Mother Gothel tries to talk her out of it. As usual, she touches her hair while saying “I love you most”. We can also see it in their final confrontation when Gothel says “I’ll never let you go” and strokes Rapunzel’s hair.

It’s not just a clever way to show us Mother Gothel’s true intentions. It’s also a clever way to show how Rapunzel is blindsided by the situation. She truly believes her mother loves her for who she is, despite all the evidence that points in the opposite direction.

So every time you see Mother Gothel touch Rapunzel’s hair, remember that it isn’t a sign of affection, but rather a sign of pure manipulation. And although Rapunzel is eventually able to break free, it’s still a sad reminder of her naivety and vulnerability.

A visit from our favorite tea set

Mrs. Potts and Chip can be found in many different places

In Tarzan, we get a special visit from some familiar faces. Jane Porter brings with her an old tea set that looks remarkably like Mrs. Potts and her son Chip from Beauty And The Beast.

Mrs. Potts is the teapot-shaped head of the family who cares for the castle’s inhabitants, and her son Chip is the young teacup. This teacup and teapot have been a part of the Disney family for years and they make an adorable appearance in Tarzan.

When the animals find the English explorers’ campsite with these foreign objects, they are entranced and begin to use them in their own way. Mrs. Potts and Chip become a makeshift drum set as they dance around it and play music with one another.

It’s a fun little nod to Beauty And The Beast and a reminder of the timelessness of Disney characters. Mrs. Potts and Chip can be found in many different places throughout the Disney universe, and it’s a pleasure to see them reappear here.

The most famous genie lamp

most famous genie lamp

The most iconic and recognizable part of Disney’s Aladdin is, without a doubt, the Genie’s lamp. This magical item played a huge role in the movie and granted wishes to those who held it. When Moana visits Tamatoa’s lair, she briefly notices the Genie’s lamp tucked away in the corner. It’s a nice little nod to one of Disney’s most beloved films.

The Genie’s lamp was also featured in other Disney films such as Tangled, Frozen, and even Wreck-It Ralph. While these appearances may have been brief, they serve as a reminder of the great impact that this classic movie has had on Disney fans around the world.

For all its fame, the Genie’s lamp is more than just a magical prop; it represents a timeless story of friendship, family, and destiny that has captured the hearts of so many people for generations. It’s a perfect tribute to the beloved movie and shows how much of an impact Aladdin had for Disney and its fans.

For many, the Genie’s lamp is synonymous with the joy and wonder of Disney, and it’s wonderful to see it get a nod in Moana. In addition to being a great visual reminder of Aladdin, this moment also serves as a reminder that Disney is all about connection. Even though the Genie’s lamp was just a brief moment, it still resonates with people who grew up watching the classic film and makes the story come full circle.

Scar got what he deserved

Lion King, Scar, the villainous brother of Mufasa

In The Lion King, Scar, the villainous brother of Mufasa, was not only responsible for his brother’s death, but also tried to have Simba killed. His reign as king was cut short when he was overthrown by Simba. To add insult to injury, Scar was mauled by his own minions and left for dead.

It seemed that justice had been served. But, just to make sure, Disney added a few extra layers of symbolism to remind us that Scar got what he deserved.

Three years after the movie’s release, Disney released Hercules and revealed the final touch of justice – Scar ended up as a rug. A rug! How fitting is that?

The scene with the rug is just seconds long, but it is a perfect way to remind us that villains don’t always get away with their evil deeds.

So, next time you watch The Lion King, think of how Scar ended up as a rug and remember that justice was served. In Disney’s world, at least!

Rapunzel visiting Anna

Rapunzel visiting Anna

It’s easy to miss, but if you watch Frozen closely enough, you’ll see that Rapunzel makes an appearance at Elsa’s coronation. We catch a brief glimpse of her during Anna’s song “For The First Time In Forever” when she enters the gates of Arendelle. This is totally fitting because Rapunzel and Anna would have been friends from their time together in the same kingdom.

It’s a fun nod to all the Disney princesses and their shared connections. We’ve all watched Frozen about a million times by now, but this is a detail that’s easy to miss even for the avid re-watcher. When Arendelle’s gates finally open after being closed for so long, Anna can barely contain her excitement. This is showcased through her solo For The First Time In Forever, and we see plenty of curious guests arriving for Elsa’s coronation day during this song.

And for just a split second, Rapunzel can be spotted in the crowd. It actually makes total sense she would be friends with Elsa and Anna, since they are all from the same kingdom. This